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texts 17
movies 1
Spermatozoa 10
Absence of spermatozoa accompanied with impotency 2
Absence of spermatozoa in impotency due to sexual neurasthenia 2
Absence of spermatozoa with suppression or diminution of sexual desire 2
Adivasi Medicines 2
All of a sudden lose strength during coition 2
Aversion to coition with impotency 2
Biodiversity 2
Cancer of the penis 2
Cancer of the testes 2
Chhattisgarh Biodiversity 2
Chronic prostatic discharge 2
Cold feeling in the glans penis 2
Coldness of legs after coition 2
Deficient erections with diminished pleasure 2
Diminished sexual desire 2
Emergency herbs 2
Encyclopedia of Tribal Medicines (EOTM) 2
Entomophagy 2
Entomotherapy 2
Ethnobotany 2
Famine Food plants 2
Fertilization (Biology) 2
Folk Remedies 2
Forest People 2
Genitals cold 2
Healing Flora 2
Impotency 2
Indicated in person who have violent or constant erections with increased sexual desire 2
Insufficient erections or absence of erections 2
Lassitude after coition 2
Medicinal Insects and Mites 2
Medicinal Millets 2
Medicinal Orchids 2
Medicinal Plant Database 2
Medicinal Plants of India 2
Medicinal weeds 2
Nocturnal emissions 2
Odisha Folk Rice based Traditional Herbal Formulations 2
Ovum 2
Paramparik Gyan 2
Penis shrunk and cold with urinary troubles 2
Raw Drugs 2
Sweat after coition 2
Testicles become small and painful 2
Testicles shrunk 2
Too speedy emissions 2
Traditional Knowledge Documentation 2
Traditional Knowledge about insects 2
Tribal Medicines 2
Want of energy in coition 2
When azoospermism is accompanied with great sexual desire and/or swelling of testicles 2
Wild Healing Mushrooms 2
Wonder Drugs 2
Abdomen bloated with wind 1
Abraham, Karl 1
Albumin in urine which becomes black like ink 1
All of a sudden loses strength during coition 1
Amphibians -- Anatomy 1
Animalcules 1
Asthma on attempting coition 1
Automatic erections without desire 1
Aversion to coition with shriveled penis 1
Bad effects of sexual abuses 1
Barry, M. (Martin), 1802-1855 1
Bastar Folk Rice based Traditional Herbal Formulations 1
Bengal Folk Rice based Traditional Herbal Formulations 1
Birds--Physiology. 1
Bone diseases 1
Burning in penis after coition 1
Burning in the skin 1
Calcarea 1
Calcispongia 1
Carbuncles and boils 1
Cardiac rheumatism when heart is affected and joints are freed from pain 1
Cauliflower like warts 1
Chronic form of urticaria 1
Cirrhosis of the liver 1
Coition followed by weak vision and backache 1
Coitus followed by increased desire and pollution 1
Cole, Estelle, Maude Cole 1
Complaints from coition especially vertigo 1
Convulsions during coition 1
Cramps with icy coldness of limbs 1
Daly, C. D. 1
Deep eating spreading ulcers upon the skin or mucus membranes with burning -thick viscid and yellow pus 1
Deep seated eating ulcers about ankle and shin with copious acrid discharges 1
Desire for acids 1
Desquamation of skin 1
Digestion easily upset 1
Discontented and angry after coition 1
Don'ts 1
Dyspnoea occurring during and after coition 1
Eisler, Josef Eisler 1
Embryology 1
Emission before erection is complete 1
Emission too late or absent 1
Enlarged and inflamed gouty joints which are painful 1
Entire absence of erections and sexual desire 1
Erections when half asleep in the morning and ceasing when fully awake 1
Erections when half asleep in the morning ceasing when fully awake 1
Erysipelas of malignant nature great swelling and intense itching 1
Evolution (Biology) 1
Excessively aroused impulses and in habit of masturbation 1
Excuberant granulations 1
Extender 1
Extreme sexual excitement 1
Falling asleep during coition 1
Figwarts dry pedunculated 1
Figwarts with intolerable itching and burning 1
Flora of Ambikapur 1
Flora of Bastar 1
Flora of Bilaspur 1
Flora of Chhattisgarh 1
Flora of Dantewada 1
Flora of Dhamtari 1
Flora of Gandhamardan Hills 1
Flora of Jashpur 1
Flora of Kanker 1
Flora of Keshkal 1
Flora of Korba 1
Flora of Narsinghnath 1
Flora of Niyamgiri 1
Flora of Odisha 1
Flora of Orissa 1
Flora of Raigarh 1
Flora of Raipur and Durg 1
Flora of Rajnandgaon 1
Flora of Sukma 1
Flora of Surguja 1
Folk Rice Formulations 1
Fur-bearing animals Breeding 1
Fur-bearing animals Spermatozoa Analysis 1
Gangrenous ulcers 1
Genitalia, Male 1
Gout and rheumatism in smokers 1
Great tendency to perspire after coition 1
Hands constantly on genitals 1
Hands covered with warts 1
Hard painful and throbbing warts 1
He Has got pain in the region of liver which extends to the right shoulder blade and to chest and stomach 1
Hebert, S. 1
Hives of gastric origin 1
Ichorous acrid and thin discharge 1
Ill-humored and feels weakness after coition 1
Impotency associated with diabetes 1
Impotency due to excesses 1
Impotency due to masturbation 1
Impotency in old age 1
Impotency in old debauches who are unable to perform the marital act for want of erections 1
Improper sexual appetite in adults 1
Indigenous Rice 1
Indolent and gangrenous ulcers 1
Indolent ulcers which continue bleeding passively 1
Infusoria 1
International Journal of Psycho-analysis 1
International Psycho-analytical Press 1
International Psychoanalytic University Berlin 1
Involuntary emission during stool or when urinating 1
Itching all over the body at night 1
Itching burns after scratches worse in warmth and better in cold 1
Jaundice following after rich food 1
Kidneys and bowels affected in Rheumatism 1
Knees give away after coition 1
Large hard black warts 1
Libido 1
Liver affections occurring after abuse of alcoholic liquors 1
Liver affections occurring after abuse of highly seasoned food 1
Liver affections occurring after abuse of quinine or purgatives 1
Local indigenous knowledge about medicinal plants 1
Malignant gangrenous ulcers 1
Many very small warts 1
Medicinal Plants popular among the Adivasis of India 1
Medicinal Rice 1
Medicinal Rice Formulations 1
Medicinal Rice popular among the Adivasis of India 1
Mentally and physically prostrated from excesses and smoking or tobacco chewing 1
Mind dwelling continually on sexual subjects 1
Moist oozing warts with sticking pain 1
Motility 1
Multiple ulcers 1
Multiple warts 1
Müller, F. P. 1
Nettle-rash on whole body with itching 1
No appetite 1
Obstinate cases of Urtcaria with constipation and earthy complexion 1
Odisha Biodiversity 1
Old cicatrized wounds which open again and again –suppurate 1
Onanism and madness 1
Oryza sativa L. 1
Pain in heels like the pricking of nails 1
Pain in the right side below the ribs 1